Colchester Anaestetic Group

“In Somno Securitas”

Ramsay Health Care, The Oaks Hospital, Mile End Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5XR

Welcome to Colchester Anaesthetic Group

Colchester Anaesthetic Group is a partnership of Consultant Anaesthetists formed in June 1989 to attract high quality Consultant Anaesthetists to Colchester and to provide anaesthetic cover for private surgical work carried out in NHS facilities in Colchester and at The Oaks Hospital. We are all registered with the Royal College of Anaesthetists and are subject to annual appraisal and revalidation to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. We are recognised as providers of anaesthetic services by all the major private medical insurance companies. (PMI)

We undertake to look after you before, during and after your operation to ensure safe anaesthesia and post-operative pain relief.

As you have chosen to have your operation performed as a private patient you will either be paying for this yourself or will have medical insurance. You will already have been given a procedure code for your operation by your surgeon. For more information on our costs please visit our Fees page.

We wish you a smooth and comfortable course through your surgery and recovery.


Our Consultants

Dr J P Adams                              Dr V B Annam

Dr S J Dixon                                Dr K A Gardner

Dr H Gooneratne                        Dr W H Konarzewski 

Dr Harsha Lakshman                 Dr S I P MacKenzie

Dr T Malaj                                    Dr T A McLoughlin 

Dr P S Patient                             Dr S J Pearson

Dr M M Ramali                            Dr B Ramalingam

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Our Fees

Our fees are based on the nationally recognised WPA (Western Provident Association) Fee Schedule

The fees on this site have applied since 1st March 2013


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