Colchester Anaestetic Group

“In Somno Securitas”

Ramsay Health Care, The Oaks Hospital, Mile End Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5XR

Our Fees

As you have chosen to have your operation performed as a private patient you will either be paying for this yourself or will have medical insurance. You will already have been given a procedure code for your operation by your surgeon. The surgical secretary may be able to give you the anaesthetic fee at the time they tell you the surgical fee. If you are insured you will need to get approval (with a number) from your PMI. They will then indicate whether or not they will pay the anaesthetic fee in full or whether you will be liable for a proportion. Fees are settled in line with the terms and conditions of your policy. If you are liable for any part of the fee you will receive an invoice from us with instructions regarding the different ways in which you can pay it. Your Private Medical Insurance (PMI) will write to you giving details of the amount they have settled and the amount still owing.


To find your anaesthetic fee please click here to be taken to the the WPA Schedule of Procedure Fees and enter the code for your treatment.

If you do not know your operation code or it is not listed please contact your consultant's medical secretary.

All patients are kindly asked to note:
Sometimes, the operation involves more than one procedure: in addition to the fee for the main procedure an extra 50% of the further procedure will be charged for the second or subsequent procedures undertaken.
Your anaesthetist may give you a regional block for post-operative pain relief and this is charged as an extra procedure using the guidelines above.

Our fees are based on the nationally recognised WPA (Western Provident Association) Fee Schedule.

Our accounts are subject to payment within four weeks of the date of invoice, after which they may be revised by up to 40% to take account of further administrative costs.