Colchester Anaestetic Group

“In Somno Securitas”

Ramsay Health Care, The Oaks Hospital, Mile End Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5XR

Our Fees

Each individual anaesthetist within Colchester Anaesthetic Group sets their own fees for anaesthetic procedures.

We bill our patients according to the Voluntary Code of Practice for Billing Private Patients published by The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland.

Fees for anaesthetic services are typically settled in one of the following ways.

Medical Insurance

Individuals with private medical insurance can use their policy to pay our fees. Some private medical insurance companies publish schedules of benefit which determines the level of reimbursement offered to their customers for any given anaesthetic procedure.

Please note that insurance companies do not determine the anaesthetic fee itself - the anaesthetic fee is set by the individual anaesthetist looking after you and not the insurance company.

When you agree to have an anaesthetic performed by an Anaesthetist you are entering into a contract with the Anaesthetist concerned and therefore, you are liable for any invoices that are submitted for your anaesthetic.

Payment for this service can be made by healthcare insurance, but ultimately the total settlement of these invoices is your responsibility.

Anaesthetic invoices may be sent to you, or direct to your insurance company. If you do receive the invoices, then you should forward them to your insurers for immediate payment.

Most of our anaesthetists currently charge their fee as per the Western Provident Association (WPA) schedule of fees. The WPA schedule may be viewed on our website or obtained from the contact number given in this letter.

Some insurance companies will only reimburse their standard insured rate which will potentially leave you with a ‘shortfall’ payment to make.

Fixed price

The Oaks Hospital offers many fixed price packages that are inclusive of all consultant fees and medical costs. Our fee is therefore covered in full.

Self Pay

Where individuals choose not to go for a fixed price package they pay the hospital and consultants’ fees as they arise. Please contact our secretaries who would be pleased to give you an estimate of our fee for your anaesthetic and related care.


To find your anaesthetic fee please click here to be taken to the the WPA Schedule of Procedure Fees and enter the code for your treatment.

If you do not know your operation code or it is not listed please contact your consultant's medical secretary.


Our accounts are subject to payment within four weeks of the date of invoice, after which they may be revised by up to 40% to take account of further administrative costs.